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We partner with organisations to help them build digital trust

Our professional services team has decades of experience consulting to Australia's best known brands.

We bring a multi-disciplinary approach to consulting with a focus on combining technical excellence with strategic and business perspectives.

Security strategy and architecture

Building trust in a complex digital environment starts with an effective strategy.

Our Security Strategy and Architecture practice can assist you with making the best security decisions based on an assessment of organisational strategy, security environment, risk appetite and budget.

> Security strategy
> Security review
> Security architecture
> Zero trust consulting
> Identity security

Governance, risk, compliance

Our governance, risk and compliance practice will help you to manage your key cybersecurity risks effectively, and ensure that they compliance with laws, regulations, and standards.

> Cyber governance
> Security certifications (ISO27001 and SOC2)  
> Security policy and standards
> Supply chain security
> Security awareness and training
> Compliance with industry standards

Security assurance

Our Security Assurance Services are designed to offer businesses peace of mind by ensuring that potential security risks are thoroughly identified and mitigated, and that all security measures are functioning as intended

> Penetration testing
> Vulnerability management
> Code review

Security engineering

Our security engineering practice can assist your organisation with implementing, and maintaining secure systems to protect against cyber threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks.

> Security engineering
> Security DevOps
> Secure deployment

Forensics and incident response

Response to incidents requires data to be collected and analysed in a forensically sound manner to ensure accurate and reliable information is identified.

Our team specialises in the collection and preservation of systems and data for incident investigation and forensic analysis in a manner that will allow reliable evidence to be available for use during an incident response, and for presentation as evidence in legal proceedings, if required.

> Security incident and data breach response
> Security & forensic analysis
> Forensic security monitoring
> Forensic expert services


Customers understand and are more concerned about privacy than ever before. We offer a range of privacy services designed to assure customers that trust and privacy are central to your business and that their personal data is protected and used appropriately.

> Privacy advisory
> Privacy impact assessments
> Privacy assurance


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