Security Strategy & Architecture

Our vision is to help build digital trust.

Building trust in a complex digital environment starts with an effective strategy.

Our Security Strategy and Architecture practice assists customers to make the best security decisions based on an assessment of organisational strategy, security environment, risk appetite and budget.

Information security strategy

An information security strategy provides direction for your organisation – taking into account the threat environment and your organisation’s capabilities, business objectives and risk appetite.

Fortian can assist in identifying or defining each of these aspects and combining them to provide you with clear guidance on both short and long-term information security and privacy investment planning. We can also help with stakeholder engagement, socialisation and communication – which are critical elements of a successful strategy.

Enterprise security architecture

Adopting a consistent enterprise-wide approach to security architecture ensures the integration of security systems and controls with business processes, resulting in more effective security and greater cost efficiencies.

Fortian provides enterprise security architecture services that balance cost, security and business objectives to ensure that you can compete securely in today’s market.

Solution architecture

Incorporating information security and privacy into projects is most successful when there is engagement throughout the project lifecycle.

Our consultants can work with your existing security architecture processes and templates, or we can apply our own methodology to ensure that security is appropriately considered and incorporated in your technology projects from inception to rollout.

Policy and standards

Effective security policies and standards capture an organisation's risk appetite and assist in communicating it clearly to staff, auditors, regulators and other interested parties. Fortian can help you review and update existing policies and standards, or establish new policies and standards consistent with the security direction of the organisation.

Information security review

Understanding your current security capabilities and exposures can be challenging, particularly with today’s rapidly-changing threat landscape. Fortian’s consultants have experience across a wide range of environments and can use that knowledge to help you understand your current security position to provide confidence to your organisation and its customers and to assist in future planning for security investment.

Fortian's Privacy and Security Assurance teams can assist with the review process by providing more detailed assessment of specific areas if required.