Security Strategy and Architecture

Building trust in a complex digital environment starts with an effective strategy

Our Security Strategy and Architecture practice can assist you with making the best security decisions based on an assessment of organisational strategy, security environment, risk appetite and budget

Security Strategy

A cyber security strategy provides direction for your organisation – taking into account the threat environment and your organisation’s capabilities, business objectives and risk appetite.

We can assist in identifying or defining each of these aspects and combining them to provide you with clear guidance on both short and long-term information security and privacy investment planning. We can also help with stakeholder engagement, socialisation and communication – which are critical elements of a successful strategy.

Security Review

Navigating your security strengths and vulnerabilities can be a complex task, especially with the ever-evolving nature of cyber threats.

Our team of experts brings a wealth of experience from various sectors and settings to help you gauge your security posture. This insight not only bolsters confidence within your organisation and with your clients, but also aids in future planning for security investment.

At Fortian, our security assessments are typically aligned with our security capability model, which builds upon the US NIST Cyber Security Framework. However, we're flexible and able to adapt our reviews to any security framework you prefer.

This approach ensures a clear understanding of your security situation in today’s dynamic threat environment.

Security Architecture

Adopting a consistent enterprise-wide approach to security architecture helps the integration of security controls with business processes, resulting in more effective security and greater cost efficiencies.

Fortian provides enterprise security architecture services that balance cost, security and business objectives to ensure that you can operate securely.Enterprise and solution architecture to ensure that security supports business objectives and is included in IT projects from inception to rollout

Zero Trust Consulting

"Never trust, always verify" is our guiding principle as we assist organisations in designing, developing, and transitioning to a zero trust architecture.

We have extensive expertise in zero trust consulting and have successfully helped numerous, high profile organisations enhance their security posture.

Identity Security

Identity and access management (IAM) strategy, architecture, and implementation are essential components of your cybersecurity framework.

A thoughtful strategy aligns IAM goals with business objectives and regulatory standards, conducts risk assessments, and establishes clear policies for managing user identities. The architecture emphasises scalable and interoperable systems, integrating IAM components like authentication mechanisms and access controls. Successful implementation entails deploying tailored IAM solutions, seamlessly integrating them with existing infrastructure, and providing user education.

Our IAM consultants bring extensive expertise and guidance to assist you with the above.


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