Security Assurance

Our vision is to help build digital trust.

Trust is underpinned by confidence in the security of your systems and data. Our tailored range of Security Assurance Services provides assurance that security risks have been identified and minimised, and that security controls are operating effectively.

Fortian has extensive experience in Australia’s largest organisations, including for some of the nations’ most complex IT projects and environments. The team uses a blend of automated tools and manual inspection to achieve cost effective and comprehensive outcomes with the right focus on high-risk, high-impact issues.

Fortian’s differentiation from other providers is the team’s combination of deep technical expertise balanced with a risk-based, business-centric approach that focuses on practical, positive outcomes.

Fortian’s security assessment services are layered and complementary, providing your organisation with options that can be tailored to both budget and risk appetite.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is designed to uncover weakness in your systems that an active, skilled attacker may be able to leverage. Fortian’s penetration testers have extensive experience in testing some of Australia’s largest and most complex systems.

"...testing focuses on higher risk vulnerabilities resulting in a more cost effective approach."

Our testing methodology blends a baseline of automated testing with a focus on manual inspection and testing of high-risk components. Further, our methodology extends beyond traditional testing to identify high-risk business logic issues. This approach has the advantage of being cost effective and comprehensive, while focusing on high-risk, high-impact weaknesses.

Control Effectiveness Testing

Many organisations implement security controls such as antivirus, intrusion detection and application whitelisting without testing how effective these controls are at reducing risk. Fortian’s control effectiveness testing uses simulated attacks to assess the effectiveness of individual security controls.

This helps organisations to determine their residual risk and if necessary implement additional controls. Fortian’s control effectiveness testing service can add significant value during a product bake-off or as part of a regular control audit.

Whilst penetration testing determines if a solution introduces additional risks to the organisation, control effectiveness testing determines if the control itself is effective at remediating risks

Vulnerability Scanning

New vulnerabilities are regularly discovered and disclosed in existing applications. Unless quickly detected and remediated, these vulnerabilities leave systems open to exploitation by attackers.

Fortian’s vulnerability scanning service uses specialised, automated tools to remotely assess your systems for publicly disclosed vulnerabilities. A regular scanning program can highlight vulnerabilities for remediation, thus reducing organizational risk. This service is also available as a once-off assessment.