Security Assurance

Fortian is a CREST Australia and New Zealand approved penetration testing provider.

Fortian's Security Assurance service ensures that security risks are effectively identified, minimized, and that security controls are functioning optimally.

Our methodology integrates automated tools with meticulous manual inspection, focusing on delivering comprehensive, cost-efficient results that prioritize high-risk, high-impact areas.

What sets Fortian apart is our team’s deep technical expertise paired with a risk-managed, business-oriented focus, aimed at achieving practical, beneficial outcomes.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is designed to uncover weakness that an active, skilled attacker may be able to leverage.

Our testing methodology blends a baseline of automated testing with a focus on manual inspection and testing of high-risk components. Our methodology extends beyond traditional testing to identify high-risk business logic issues. This approach has the advantage of being cost effective and comprehensive, while focusing on high-risk, high-impact weaknesses.

Vulnerability Management

New vulnerabilities are regularly discovered and disclosed, which, unless quickly detected and remediated can leave systems open to exploitation by attackers.

Fortian’s vulnerability management service uses specialised, automated tools to remotely assess your systems for publicly disclosed vulnerabilities. A regular scanning program can highlight vulnerabilities for remediation, thus reducing organisational risk. This service is also available as a once-off assessment.

Code Review

Fortian's code review service is designed to enhance your software’s security by meticulously examining its source code.

Through both manual and automated review processes, our team of experts delves into your code to uncover and identify potential security vulnerabilities that could jeopardize your application's integrity and safety.

Our approach balances thoroughness with efficiency, ensuring that every line of code is scrutinized for flaws without compromising on delivery timelines.


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