Security Engineering

Our security engineering practice can assist your organisation with implementing, and maintaining secure systems to protect against cyber threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks.

Security Engineering

Our cybersecurity engineering services center around designing, developing, implementing, and maintaining secure systems, networks, and applications. By leveraging secure engineering principles, we tackle the complexities of safeguarding digital assets, data, and infrastructure from cyber threats.

With our team's extensive expertise in this field, we ensure that your organisation remains resilient and protected against evolving cybersecurity challenges.

Secure DevOps

At Fortian, we believe that Secure DevOps is more than just a practice — it's a commitment to ensuring security is seamlessly integrated into every step of your software development lifecycle.

We understand that security cannot be an afterthought but must instead be woven into every step of your development and deployment processes.

Fortian's approach, delivered by our consultants, incorporates vital security considerations, including threat modelling, vulnerability assessments, code analysis, and compliance checks, right from the start of the DevOps workflow.

The outcome? You can expect higher-quality, secure software delivered swiftly and efficiently, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your digital assets.

Secure Deployment

Secure Deployment involves implementing a comprehensive set of measures to protect the security and integrity of applications throughout the deployment process.

Our consultants specialise in implementing robust security protocols and best practices to mitigate risks and ensure that applications remain safeguarded from potential threats and vulnerabilities at every stage of deployment.


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