Our vision is to help build digital trust.

Customers understand and are more concerned about privacy than ever before. We offer a range of privacy services designed to assure customers that trust and privacy are central to your business and that their personal data is protected and used appropriately.

In Australia, personal information (including information that could identify an individual, such as names or photos) is protected by the Privacy Act (1988).

Compliance is the baseline

Compliance with Australian privacy law is essential. However, it is the baseline for building trust. Customers expect organisations to be proactive about privacy and to go ‘above and beyond’ to ensure their personal data is protected, used appropriately and within their control.

Fortian can help build digital trust

Fortian has unique expertise in establishing and providing privacy and trust services in the Australian banking and finance sector. Effective IT security underpins privacy – Fortian’s complementary application of both disciplines places digital trust squarely at the centre of our focus for clients.

Privacy is important because it underpins digital trust

Customers understand and are more concerned about privacy than ever before. They are aware that organisations hold large amounts of personal information and have misgivings about how this is used. Further, many customers choose not to deal with organisations where they have privacy concerns.

"Customers understand and are more concerned about privacy than ever before."

Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)

A Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) identifies the privacy impact of a project, along with ways to manage that impact. PIAs are advised when introducing new technologies or products that impact personal information. When published, PIAs can improve trust.

Fortian’s PIA methodology builds upon guidelines issued by Australian and other privacy authorities. We assess the risk of non-compliance with legislation but also broader privacy implications and best practice. Most importantly, our deep technical and security expertise ensures that privacy is not looked at in isolation but also through security and technology lenses.

Privacy advisory services

Developing and maintaining digital trust in a complex legal, technological and security environment can be challenging. Fortian’s privacy advisory services assist clients in making the best privacy decisions based on an assessment of their current legal, security and technology environment and risks, and in the context of organisational goals and budget.

Privacy assurance

Fortian’s privacy assurance services are designed to provide clients with an end-to-end overview of their privacy posture and key privacy risks, to enable remediation. We focus on governance, policies, procedures, training, risk frameworks, culture and technology, with particular attention paid to repositories of sensitive personal information.

In delivering privacy assurance services, Fortian applies a blended technology, IT security and privacy skillset to ensure a holistic examination of key risks. We consider this a unique but necessary approach, given the strong interdependencies between these areas.

Privacy policies and notices

The Australian Privacy Principles require applicable organisations to have a clearly expressed, up to date policy about the way they manage personal information. Fortian can help your business revise or develop a privacy policy that is user-friendly, layered and understandable and in doing so, improve customer trust.