Cyber Governance, Risk and Compliance

Safeguarding your organisation's data starts with good governance.

Our Cyber Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) practice can help you manage your cyber risks, ensure regulatory compliance and more effectively govern your security practice.

Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the cyber landscape and regulatory requirements, enabling us to provide strategies that are both effective and practical.

Cyber Governance

At Fortian, we believe that effective cyber governance starts with measurement. We have experience working with cyber teams and senior executives - helping them to measure, manage and therefore understand cyber security.  

Having an executive management team that understands cyber security empowers them to lead from the top and builds support for security within the organisation.

Fortian’s cyber governance services can support your organisation to:
• Deliver regular senior executive cyber security briefings
• Articulate and quantify the nature of the cyber threats that it faces
• Develop a set of regular cyber performance metrics, tailored to organisational priorities
• Ensure alignment between cyber security and organisational risk frameworks and processes
• Improve governance processes

Security Certifications (ISO27001 and SOC2)

In today's competitive landscape where companies can be distinguished by trust, possessing security certifications like ISO27001 and SOC2 can serve as an emblem of reliability and integrity.

Navigating the path to achieving and maintaining cyber security certifications such as ISO27001 and SOC2 can be complex.

Our service offers straightforward, practical support to organizations looking to meet these standards. By focusing on the essentials of the certification process, we help you understand what's required, identify gaps in your current practices, and implement the necessary controls and procedures.

Our team provides guidance through every step, from preparation to audit and beyond, ensuring you have the support needed to achieve certification and stay compliant with regulations as they evolve. With our service, your organization gains a reliable partner in managing the ongoing demands of cyber security certification, helping you maintain the standards required to protect your data and operations in a constantly changing digital environment.

Cyber Policies and Standards

Security policies and standards are at the heart of an organisation’s security practice. They are often your most visible security documentation and set the tone and direction of how security is prioritised.

Fortian consultants have extensive experience in developing and refreshing cyber policies and standards.
• Our focus on readability ensures that policies and standards are easy to understand for non-technical audiences.
• We work closely with stakeholders to ensure that policies accurately reflect an organisation’s desired security posture and external compliance obligations.

Fortian consultants are able to work with you to develop new policies and standards or refresh old ones.

Supply Chain Security

Organisational boundaries are becoming increasingly fluid due to IT outsourcing and a growing reliance on partnerships to deliver capability.

Fortian’s supply chain security consulting capability can help you identify and remediate weaknesses in your supply chain. Our consultants can:
• Assess your organisation’s supply chain security processes and maturity and make recommendations to improve capability
• Help with supplier assessment questionnaire / process development and refresh, including alignment with relevant security standards such as ISO27001 and the NIST Cybersecurity Framework
• Clear your backlog of supplier assessments. This can be undertaken on a per-assessment basis or as a service.

Security Awareness

People are the first line of defence against cyber threats and, arguably, one of your most important security controls.

Fortian’s security consultants can help you educate and train your workforce on good security practices. Our differentiator in this space is in our messaging. We have proven experience in de-mystifying cyber security and communicating security principles to non-technical audiences.

Our services include:
• Developing cyber security awareness content for internal audiences.
• Assistance with phishing simulations / campaigns and training.


As cybersecurity matures, organisations now face the dual challenge of adhering to external regulatory mandates, including the Privacy Act (1988) and APRA’s CPS234, alongside keeping pace with our industry’s evolving frameworks, like the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

This evolution adds both structure and complexity to our field, potentially expanding the responsibilities of security teams. Fortian has a proven regulatory compliance capability and has a track record of assisting many organisations in meeting their compliance requirements.


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