Forensics and Incident Response

Incident response demands the gathering and examination of data with utmost forensic integrity, ensuring the information uncovered is both accurate and dependable.

Our expertise lies in systematically collecting and securing systems and data critical for incident investigation and forensic scrutiny.

This approach guarantees the availability of trustworthy evidence for immediate response actions and, if necessary, for legal documentation and proceedings

Security Incident & Data Breach Response

In order to determine the source and nature of security incidents or data breaches, a sound forensic investigation response is required.

Drawing on our law enforcement, security, forensics and incident response experience, we can provide the specialised skills required to investigate data breaches, security incidents, system intrusions or other technology incidents.

Security & Forensic Analysis

We use forensically sound techniques to collect digital evidence from network systems and devices, and use advanced forensic investigative analytics techniques to identify user or system activity that may be indicative of a security breach or potential security threat requiring further security or investigation response.

Forensic Security Monitoring

Drawing on our security and digital forensics experience, we can provide the specialised skills required to review, design and implement a forensically sound system logging and monitoring architecture that will enable your organisation to better respond to a security incident, should one arise.

Forensic Expert Services

Drawing on our extensive forensic investigation and digital forensic experience, we can provide a range of technology-related forensic expert services including:
> Affidavits or reports on forensic analysis findings;
> Forensic expert reports for litigation matters;
> Provision of expert evidence in court; and
> Technology or digital evidence advice and assistance.


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