Come and visit us

Visit us at CyberCon2019

Fortian is proud to be a sponsor of, and exhibitor at Cybercon 2019.

Come and visit us at booth 88 for a general chat about information security or if you need help with some specific problems you may be facing.

We are also excited to be running two events this year.

Whisky Tasting

Mark Twain once said “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” At Fortian, we share Twain’s love of whiskey, so we have put on a whiskey tasting event at our booth (booth 88) on Monday and Tuesday nights between 5-7pm.

To provide an opportunity to explore some different varieties we have an Octomore 8.1 (Islay), Macallan Sherry Oak (Speyside) and Starwood Nova (Melbourne).

Come join us and taste some great whiskey!

Technical Security Challenge

We will also be running a technical security challenge for the opportunity to win a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 phone, worth $1500.

There are three puzzles in total, each with an accompanying flag. The prize will be given to the first person to successfully complete and submit all three challenges. If nobody successfully completes all challenges then everyone who successfully completes any of the challenges will go into a draw for the prize, with extra entries for those that complete two challenges. The competition will open on Monday afternoon (7th October) and close at 16:00 on Wednesday afternoon (9th October) with the draw (if required) to be completed shortly afterwards.

Important note: The challenge is designed to be completed in a perfectly legal manner, with no need to compromise, brute force or otherwise try and interrupt any component used to deliver it.

The first clue:

Someone by the name of Rancin Mcreedo recently found and shared something online without fully understanding what it was. Can you find and solve it?

Fortian Galaxy Note 10 competition terms and conditions